northcarolinaThe Ameren Illinois Rivers Project is an almost 400-mile planned transmission line, stretching from the border of Missouri to the border of Indiana, covering a giant swatch of central Illinois.

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved the petition in part on August 20, 2013. While the ICC did give the green light for several sections of the line, others were not approved OR are being challenged by landowners. Go here to read the ICC’s full decision. Much more important information, including videos, are on the project website. Click Read More for this information.


northcarolinaSeen by many as the road that will make the South Suburban Airport a reality, if built, the Illiana Expressway will become the third major highway into the Chicago-land area from Northwest Indiana. Both IDOT and INDOT have agreed on the B-3 Corridor for the highway which will have the route begin in Wilmington, IL and ending in Lowell, IN. A route has determined and land acquisition is expected in 2014-2015.


northcarolinaThe Urban Loop project is part of the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s plan to improve traffic flow within the city. Ideally, the project will help relieve congestion on I-40, particularly in the area where I-40, I-85 and U.S. Routes 29, 70, 220, and 421 all run concurrently. The project involves constructing a four-lane freeway from US 70 to Bryan Boulevard, north of Greensboro. This loop will provide a more direct route for traffic heading from south and east of Greensboro to destinations north and west of the city. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2014.


northcarolinaThe Beltway project has been in the works for more than a decade, but is now finally getting underway. The total length of the new road to be constructed is 34.2 miles and runs from U.S. 158 southwest of Winston-Salem to U.S. 311 southeast of the city. The project involves two segments: the western section and the eastern section. The western section runs from U.S. 158 to U.S. 52, while the eastern section runs from U.S. 52 to U.S. 311. The eastern section will become I-74 upon its completion. Currently, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is speeding up the purchase of property and the start of construction for a portion of the eastern section.



The Nexus Gas Transmission pipeline will provide an avenue for transporting natural gas supplies from the Utica shale through Michigan and into Canada. The 30- to 36-inch diameter pipeline would be capable of carrying 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. The pipeline could possibly be in service as early as late 2015.

The proposed path for the NEXUS project will consist of a newly-constructed greenfield pipeline that will extend approximately 250 miles from receipt points in eastern Ohio to interconnects with the existing pipeline grid in southeastern Michigan. As proposed, the path will utilize both existing and expansion capacity on the interstate pipeline system owned by Vector Pipeline, L.P. (Vector) to access the Dawn Hub in Ontario. The proposed path will utilize existing corridors and infrastructure for most of its route to facilitate timely and efficient construction and to minimize environmental and local impacts.

Counties possibly affected: Lucas, Wood, Erie, Ottawa, Sandusky, Huron, Loraine, Medina, Wayne, Summit, Portage, Stark, Tuscarawas, Holmes, Carroll, Harrison, Jefferson, Columbiana, Trumbull, Mahoning.


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